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In 2020, the whole world is facing a pandemic that has dramatically changed the way we live. In the new realities, with many years of experience in the restaurant business, our team came up with the idea of creating an authentic online project "food on the go". This is how DÖNƏRLƏ came into being.

The brand name was chosen not by chance: in Azerbaijani slang there are phrasings like "xaşla" and " kababla", which means" eat hash", "eat kebab", by analogy, we create "dönərlə", which means "eat doner". In addition this phrasing can be used in another meaning, for example, "dönərlə ayran", that is, "doner with ayran".
Getting started
It all started with this first video
We believe that the richness of culture is inextricably linked with folk cuisine and this concept is not limited to the traditions of the Western world, it is much more diverse. For us, DÖNƏRLƏ is about exploring the world through food.

DÖNƏRLƏ is a natural folk fast food with high-quality ingredients and amazing taste. In addition, we decided to seriously take care of the environmental friendliness of the packaging, so we said "No!" to traditional plastic and chose packaging made of recyclable materials. This is our small contribution to the preservation of the Earth's ecology.

DÖNƏRLƏ is a doner that you will remember and will definitely want to repeat.
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includes a variety of delicious flavor combinations
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